12 How to Name Your Web Pages for SEO

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12 How to Name Your Web Pages for SEO video tutorial lesson outlines ways for naming your landing pages for Google. Created by rankya seo services this video details information for naming your URI (uniform resource identifier) to send all the right signals to Google.

Google’s Webmaster Design and Content Guidelines clearly suggest to “Think about the words users would type to find your pages, and make sure that your site actually includes those words within it” and by adhering to these guidelines, we can understand that URL is also a part of your landing page. To learn more about Google’s guidelines visit:

One of the most important relevance determination methods Google relies on is the naming structure of your landing page. If your landing pages are about “Methods for Including Keywords in the URL” then logically you would name it something along these lines:
keywords-and-your-url.html as your web page name.

It is only logical that you name your landing pages according to the content you are presenting your visitors.

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This video tutorial session has been created by #rankyaseoservices for YouTube community and webmasters who want to learn more about creating user friendly websites and ranking in Google search engine organic ranking results.
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