5 THINGS YOU SHOULD GET RID OF | minimalism tips

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another minimalism video ! i don’t know about you, but i find it to be an incredibly freeing feeling to go through that over-filled cabinet and just organise it. sorting it out, decluttering, simplifying, making it neat and airy.

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ok ok, should is a harsh word.
let me rephrase that. 5 things i always get rid of when going through my stuff.

i mean, i’m not presuming to know what makes you feel good or what your shelves, wardrobe, pantry, or cupboards should look like.
this is just a list of 5 things i feel much better after getting rid of, as a minimalist. things that weigh me down without giving me any joy or making my life easier. stuff that have basically been reduced to dust-collectors.

no pressure though, minimalism isn’t for everyone. this video is for those of you who – like me – feel so much better with a clean, airy, organised, and clutter-free surrounding.
some people thrive in messy places. some people get creative in white and clean spaces. we’re all different.

if you are one of those people who minimalism resonates with, i hope this video is helpful. no matter which lifestyle you’re striving for though, i want my content to help put some pep in your step !

love // jenny



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