How to delete facebook account permanently in 2016- deactivate or delete fb account

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How to delete Facebook Account
Say by by to your facebook account for good. Whatever might be your reason for deleting your facebook account. If so, you have two options to opt from.
1. Deactivating your Facebook Account.
2. Deleting your Facebook Account Permanent.
What’s the difference between deactivating and deleting your account?

The most important difference to note, between deactivating & deletng a facebook account is, after you deactivate your facebook account, you have the flexibility to leave and come back ,whenever you wish.
However, when you delete your facebook account, You will not be able to regain access to your account.
so, let’s first start with the second option.
How to delete Facebook Account Permanently
Before you delete your facebook account permanently, it’s a good idea, to have a backup copy.
so to create a backup, of all your facebook messages,posts,friends, etc.
Click on this, arror pointing downlwards, present next to this lock icon.
Go to “Settings”. Now here, in the “General Account Settings” page, you will find “Download a copy” of your, Facebook data link.
Click on the, “Download a copy” link, & click on “start my Archive” button.
Click again on, “start my Archive” button.
Now, u will get a popup message saying, that the download you requested, is sent to your email address.
Now login, to your email addresss registered with facebook & look, for the email from facebook, saying “Your Facebook download is ready”.
Now, down below, you will find a direct link in “blue color”.
Click on it, & it will take you, to the download page. Now again click, on “download Archive” button, fill in your password & click submit.
Bam!, your fb backup copy is dowloaded.

So now, you have downloaded the backup copy, of your facebook account, now let’s see, How to delete, your Facebook Account Permanently
Unfortunately, facebook does not directly, offer the delete link, but, it is there, & it’s hidden.
You have to, look it through, the Facebook’s help page, i.e.
However, you can click the link below, in the video description saying, Permanently delete fb account
& you will get directed to, delete facebook account page.
Plese note. here, it will ask you to, login to facebook, if you are not already logged in.
Click on “delete my account” button in blue, & You will see a “Permanently delete Account”, security check popup. Now fill in your password, & captcha, & click “ok” button.
Now, facebook will pop you, with a confirmation message, saying that your facebook account, is set to get deleted permanently, in next 14 days, & it’s currently deactive.
How to deactivate Facebook Account
Click on this arror, pointing downwards, present next to this lock icon.
Go to “Settings”.
Now it will take you to, “General Account Settings” page.
Just below general, go to “Security” page. Now on the security page below, you will find the link in blue saying, “Deactivate your account”.
click on, “Deactivate your account” link.
Now, state a reason for leaving, by checking one of the boxes. Check this Email opt out box, if you wish not to receave, any further emails from fb.
Now, click the “DEACTIVATE” button.
Retype your password, to confirm that, you would like to deactivate your, Facebook Account, & then click the “Deactivate Now” button.
Bam!, you just deactivated your, facebook account.

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