The Manly Pinterest Tips Show – Using Etsy and Pinterest Together With Julie Grandbois

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Join us each week for *The Manly Pinterest Tips Show and Podcast*

Our mission, _(and we choose to accept it)_ is to give practical tips to help you succeed on +Pinterest 

This week we’ll be talking all about *Using Etsy and Pinterest Together* with someone who has a ton of wisdom about these two platforms.

+Julie Grandbois is the proud owner of Julie’s Elegant Crafts. She is a MSc. Biology graduate from Northern Ontario, Canada and now working as a laboratory technician at the University of Alberta. You can say she’s a scientist by day and crafter by night. She is a DIY enthusiast and loves making any kind of crafts in her spare time. Her source of inspiration comes from Pinterest, where she has created group boards where many other Pinners share their own crafts and crafty ideas. She finds that the more we see, the more inspired we get, and more likely to create more beautiful things. 

She was so inspired with what she saw on Pinterest that she decided to open her own Etsy shop.  She started her shop by making greeting cards, and had to drastically change the products she offered, since she had very little sales and no one was buying her special cards or paper crafts that she had worked so hard on. Discouraged and almost at the point of quitting, she decided to go back to Pinterest and start again at square one. As she was studying what pins were more popular on Pinterest, it then dawned on her what kind of products she should be offering, and started making them. Since then, she has been growing her hobby into a small business and learned what it takes to market an Etsy shop on Pinterest.

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